Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thinking something tonight.

I can't imagine if I die..young. Certainly I'm already sad over of maximal level of maximal. My fault, I still have sins as long as I live in the world ya Allah :( Ya Allah give me more time.. I'll try yo fix all my faults, I still wanna stay here with people who I loves :) although maybe they're not know that I love them or maybe they're hates me and ignored me, but I still wanna stay here... I have many dreams for my future that I'm yet make all happens, I will have something.. I will be something and it so hard if all end when I never make all happens? Give me and people who I loves... I'll fix all my faults. Oh Allah, You created me with a good way so I beg You to take me in a way that is fine too :)

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